How does it work?

The Home Equity Investment (HEI) from Point lets you access $35,000 to $350,000 of home equity. It's not a loan, so there are no monthly payments. There is no interest charged, ever. Instead, Point becomes a partner with you in the future change in value of your property. If your home's value rises, you share the gains when you sell or refinance. If your home's value drops, Point shares in the loss. 

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Who is it good for?

Many choose the HEI due to the financial flexibility it provides. This makes a huge difference for people eliminating debt, covering large expenses, or pursuing an investment opportunity. Others have inconsistent income and use the funds to smooth out a period of unpredictable cashflow. Lastly, the HEI is also a favorite among those who think the property market is at a peak and want to "hedge" the market.


Qualify easier, process faster

Point allows you do everything easily online. You can get pre-approved in minutes and funded in weeks. The eligibility criteria for the HEI are less strict than those for traditional home equity loans. Homeowners with lower credit scores or higher debts who do not quality for traditional HELOCs and home equity loans may qualify for a HEI.

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